"The journey is just as important as the destination"


Uncompromised Safety

The quality of our service reflects the commitment and dedication of all our personnel throughout the group. This is a direct result of the emphasis we place on the careful selection and training of our staff to uphold the company’s tradition of excellence in all areas. This is also reflected by the involvement and support of all personnel in our activities which comply with the International Standards of Quality Systems.

HEVILIFT has an excellent safety reporting culture and our exceptional standards have set a benchmark which our competitors measure themselves by. We constantly strive to exceed those standards in order to maintain the support of our valued clients and ensure we remain the leaders of service excellence in the aviation industry.

Safety Standards and Quality Systems

Our main objective is to meet the air transport needs of our clients in all respects with maximum safety, efficiency, optimum convenience, civility, reliability and value for money. The ability to produce the required outcomes the first time, every time, underpins our safety and quality systems and reflects the commitment of our employees at all levels as they strive for continuous improvement. Our safety culture is a direct reflection of the emphasis we place on employee selection, along with high levels of trust and communication we can then foster. The ability to strive for a generative safety culture also aligns with our mission statement: As an employer of choice, we provide excellence in aviation services, delivering benefits to all stake holders.


Our Group is committed to maintaining our day to day safety standards at the highest level in line with our HEVILIFT Safety Management System and the commensurate individual Regional Company Safety Management System manuals. The HEVILIFT Group’s primary safety goal is to strive for business excellence while maintaining Zero Preventable Accidents.


Our Quality Management System consists of policies, processes and procedures applied in the planning and provision of services. HEVILIFT aligns with recognised Quality Management Standards to provide professional aviation services to its stakeholders across a broad range of operating environments.


HEVILIFT is committed to environmental responsibility through consideration and evaluation of environmental impacts. Our Environmental Management Systems integrates with the objectives of our Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Support Structure

HEVILIFT Group have adopted a range of state of the art software platforms to ensure that our Safety and Quality system maintains the high standard required for our customers. Air Maestro is a world renowned Quality and Safety database and management system. The web-based system is a cornerstone of our technology tools allowing us to efficiently and transparently manage:

  • Audit, Occurrence Reports, Risk Register
  • Resource Planning - Recency, Rostering, Scheduling
  • Operational Control & Performance - Document Library, Log Books, individual and company alerts functions
  • Reporting - Fatigue, Safety, Quality, defect and Personnel Duty Times

Most importantly, Air Maestro, as our key SMS tool, has established a strong and just reporting culture, through its transparency and accessibility to all staff

HEVILIFT have adopted the use of Ramco. A web based aviation specific maintenance planning tool. Ramco Aviation offers end-to-end, comprehensive M&E/MRO software to the Fixed Wing, Rotor Wing, MRO and Business Aviation segments globally. This tool also allows effective and integrated management of spares, finance and HR activities.

Key to the management of flight schedules as well as effective emergency response is knowing where our aircraft are at any time of the day or night. All HEVILIFT aircraft are fitted with a satellite tracking system provided by SkyNet Satellite Communications. All HEVILIFT aircraft are monitored using this system allowing real time management of all flights, landings and departures. This system also allows manual distress alarms to be generated by individual aircraft.

HEVILIFT Cockpits have been fitted with the Appareo Cockpit camera system. This system allows HEVILIFT to monitor all cockpit activities assuring a proactive approach to maintaining high standards. The Appareo system also allows for the recording of traditional flight data that is used in the HEVILIFT Flight data monitoring program.

HEVILIFT is devoted to the highest levels of safety in its delivery of aviation services. All HEVILIFT flights are monitored as part of the Flight Operations Quality Assurance program (FOQA). 2 key areas of the program are the Flight Data monitoring (FDM) and the Appareo Cockpit Camera. Flight data is analysed either externally by world class Flight Data Monitoring experts or in house with our expert Data Analysts. The results are used to continually improve our standards.